The natural beauty of Fairview Cemetery is preserved by the exclusive use of natural flowers and greens. Artificial flowers and grave decorations are not allowed. They will be removed and discarded.

Urn stands will be 

  1. •painted dark green/black

  2. •rust-free and not bent

  3. •upright and perpendicular to the ground 

  4. •maintained with natural containers and live flowers June 1st - October 1st

  5. •shepherd hooks are not allowed

Urn stands not in compliance will be removed and discarded.

Individual urn stands, flowers pots, wreaths or greens are not allowed around the columbarium’s or the in ground cremation area.

Containers will be

  1. •biodegradable or clay

  2. •maintained with live flowers or greens 

  3. •in urn stands only

    Flowers, plants, or pots are not allowed on or in the ground.

Containers not in compliance will result in the removal and disposal of the container and the urn stand.
Flags are allowed on Memorial Day weekend.

All-natural wreaths and greens are allowed until February 1st.
It is recommended that urn stands be removed before winter. Damage may be incurred by equipment during winter excavations. Fairview Cemetery is not responsible for damage to urn stands in the winter.